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Sitzone is a large modern office furniture group with R&D, production, sales, resource integration and service. Providing a wide range of products and services. The headquarter is base on china furniture material centre town, Longjiang, Shunde. The company consist of Longjiang, Xiqiao production base , and total area covers 220,000 square meters which include nine core modules as upholster furniture, promotion inventory , Eames chair , injection molding , sponge , carton, mould workshop and office chair testing center. Sitzone focus on technology innovation in order to improve the quality of products and services,stick to the ‘create value for customers’ principle and commitment to creating better office environment.

Sitzone stick to ‘create value for customers’ principle and commitment

to creating better office environment.

Sitzone Mission

Create value for customers,

create opportunities for employees, create wealth for the community.

Sitzone Vision

Let Chinese furniture lead the world.

Sitzone Aim

Technology ,Excelsior, Perfect.

Foshan headquarter/ showroom

Global network

Sitzone business has basically extended the whole country and set up sales offices and warehouses in Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen, nanjing, suzhou, ningbo, hangzhou, wuhan, chengdu, shenyang, Qingdao, xinjiang and Dubai of the UAE financial center. More oversea points are in preparation for provide better service In the local market. Sitzone office chairs were sold to the United States, Europe, Japan and other Southeast Asian countries with first-class design and excellent quality management.


Sitzone Furniture CO.,LTD

Sitzone persevere ‘create value for customers’ principle and commitment to creating better office environment.

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Sitzone Milestone

  • 2018 | Leap

    Establish yousat group and integrate the industrial chain.The 10th anniversary celebration and new product launch of jingyi furniture were successfully held in March

  • 2017 | Integration January

    ENOVA brand was established. February, Nanhai branch was build with a construction area of 150,000 square meters. March, Likou and Xianghe service network were set up. May, the Anji Branch was established which covers 10,000 square meters. June, Genwis brand was build. September, the Italy Design Center was set up.
  • 2016 | Change

    The injection molding and mould plant were set up. March, Xinjiang service network was build. June, Ningbo service network was established. September, Zhengzhou service network was build and production base reached 60,000 square meters.
  • 2015 | Development

    January, a new brand UBL was set up. (the first furniture company that proposed "five-year warranty and ten-year guarantee"). In March, Beijing service network was established. May, Nanjing service network was set up. September, Wuhan service network was build and production base was expanded to 40,000 square meters.
  • 2014 | Launch

    Production base was expanded to 30,000 square meters and new brand GOODTONE (domestic high-end office chair manufacturer) and HUIYU were build(hardware manufacturers in the country). April, the Dubai overseas service network was set up.
  • 2013 | Build R & D

    R & D Center was set up, and Shanghai Service Network was build in January.
  • 2012 | Network

    Production base grown to 12,000 square meters. March, the hardware factory and Guangzhou service network were set up.
  • 2010 | Expansion

    Production base expanded to 8,000 square meters
  • 2009 | Establish

    Establish Foshan Sitzone Furniture Co., Ltd was established, and Shenzhen service network was built in April.
  • 2008 | Root

    Sitzone furniture factory was set up which is located in Longjiang Town, Longshou Industrial park with 1,000 square meters plant area.
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